Welcome to Early College

It is our privilege to offer students a rigorous and supportive academic program of study that blends high school and college work with the goal that students will graduate with a high school diploma and an associate degree or 60 college credit hours toward a baccalaureate degree. It is a chance for students who may not otherwise consider attending college to earn 12 to 60 college hours. This opportunity will be offered free of charge through a partnership between Spring ISD and Lone Star College - North Harris, which will waive tuition and fees. 
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What are the Benefits?
  • Opportunity to earn high school diploma and college degree simultaneously.
  • Students and families are provided ongoing support to ensure success.
  • Students and families save money on tuition costs.
  • Provides opportunities for students to earn higher wages.

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    Early College Academy
    1001 Southridge Rd
    Houston, Tx 77090
    Phone: (281) 891-6880
     2013-14 School Report Cards (SRC)
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    Campus Improvment Plan
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    A Spring ISD School



    Latest News and Events

    Early College Campus Announcement - BIG NEWS

    Coffee with the Principal

    Coffee with the Principal has been rescheduled from December 3rd to Thursday, December 10th 8-9 a.m. 

    Wunsche Academy 2016-17 Application Deadline is Oct. 31
    Wunsche Academy 2016-17 Application Deadline is Oct. 31.


    Early College Dismissal at 12:15pm, Wednesday, September 30th

    Early College students will ride the Roberson ​MS buses home on Wednesday, September 30th​.  We will release at 12:​15p.m. ​and transfer buses will take students to Roberson ​MS, which is releasing at 12:​30 p.m.

    Regarding Lone Star bus runs
    DEPARTURE FROM Early College ​Buses to Lone ​Star ​College​ will be as planned except no 12:​30 p.m.​ bus.  Students who usually ride the 12:​30 p.m.​bus will ride at 12:​00 p.m.​

    TRANSPORTATION FROM Lone ​Star College​ to Early College
    The 12:​00 p.m.​ bus will pick up as usual and take students directly to Roberson ​MS

    The 1:​00 p.m.​ and 2:​00 p.m.​ bus pickup will still occur but those will take students directly home.

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